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Aber es freut uns natürlich schon, dass Falstaff ²²Beans im Café Guide 2018 als bestes Café Niederösterreichs aufgenommen hat.

Falstaff Ranking: 91 Punkte

Und auch über die Grenzen Österreichs hinaus nimmt man uns wahr: Zum Beispiel im Crema Coffee Guide, wo es abschließend heißt:

Es lohnt sich extra nach Wiener Neustadt zu fahren um im ²²Beans Kaffee zu trinken.

Die Röster und ihre Kaffees

²²Beans Artisanal House Roast

Seit März 2018 ist es soweit! Unser ²²Beans Artisan Roast Lab ist voll einsatzfähig. Wir rösten auf einem Coffeetech FZ94 Lab Roaster in Verbindung mit Artisan als Roast Logging Software. Ein Tonino Color Meter leistet gute Dienste beim Entwickeln individueller Röstprofile und zur Qualitätssicherung.

Wir rösten ausschließlich Specialty Coffees mit einem Cup Score von über 80, die wir über Nordic Approach, einen der besten europäischen Rohkaffee-Importeure, bei voller Transparenz von den Fincas und Washing Stations beziehen. Rohkaffee aus Brasilien beziehen wir seit 2018 von CQT Coffees.

Die Qualität der Kaffees spiegelt sich auch im von Roland Pohl liebevoll gestalteten Artwork der Packungen wieder: Die Sujets sind Filmen und Fernsehserien entnommen. Die Farbe gibt einen Hinweis auf die Charakteristik der enthaltenen Bohne. Zur Zeit bieten wir folgende Kaffees an:

Sujet The Drive
Herkunft:Mantiqueira de Minas, Brazil
Produzent: Sitio Baixadão, Sebastião Afonso da Silva
Varietät:Yellow Catuai
Cup Score: 87
Taste Notes: Dunkle Schokolade / Vanille / Orange
Preis je 250g / 1000g: € 7,80 / €29,20 (Zero Waste/Leihgebinde)

The Drive ist klassisch angelegt: ein samtig-schokoladiger Arabica aus Minas Gerais. Ein perfekter Alltagskaffee mit kräftigem Körper, wunderbarer Süße, harmonisch und ausgewogen. Für milky Drinks und pur. Für Siebträgermaschine, Mokkakanne und Vollautomat. Und für Liebhaber klassischer Filterkaffees.

Sujet The Blizz
Herkunft:Kayanza, Burundi
Produzent:Mbirizi Washing Station
Varietät:Red Bourbon
Fermentation:fully washed
Cup Score:88
Taste Notes:Florale Noten / Rote Ribisel / Himbeeren / Milde Säure von Zitronen
Preis je 250g / 1000g: € 8,50 / €32,00 (Zero Waste/Leihgebinde)

The Blizz ist unsere afrikanische Fruchtbombe: Unglaublich, welche Intensität an Frucht diese Bohne in die Tasse zaubert. Dabei bleibt die Säure dezent im Hintergrund. Das ist unser Bohne für Liebhaber ausserordentlicher Kaffees mit samtigem Körper, sei es in der Siebträgermaschine, der Mokkakanne oder als Pour Over.

Sujet The Jet
Herkunft:Brazil / Burundi
Produzenten:Sitio Baixadão / Mbirizi Washing Station
Varietät:Yellow Catuai / Red Bourbon
Fermentation:natural / washed
Cup Score: 87 / 88
Taste Notes:Dunkle Schokolade / Vanille / Rote Ribisel
Preis je 250g / 1000g: € 8,00 / €30,00 (Zero Waste/Leihgebinde)

The Jet ist die Transformation der fruchtgefüllten Schokolade in die Kaffeewelt: ein samtig-schokoladiger Arabica mit einem Ribisel-Kern. Ein Alltagskaffee mit kräftigem Körper und wunderbarer Süße, der den Gaumen mit Fruchtnoten unterhält. Für milky Drinks und pur. Für Siebträgermaschine, Mokkakanne und Vollautomat. Und für Liebhaber klassischer Filterkaffees.

Sujet The Force
Herkunft:Usulatan, El Salvador
Produzent:Gilberto Baraona, Finca Los Pirineos
Cup Score:88
Taste Notes:Himbeer / Apfel / Schokolade
Preis je 250g:€ 8,90

Während der Fermentation anhaftende Mucilage trägt zur fruchtig-süßen Aromatik des Kaffees bei. Für jede Zubereitungsmethode, von der Siebträgermaschine, Mokkakanne und Vollautomat aber auch als klassischer Filterkaffee oder noch besser als Pour Over.

Sujet The Spice
Herkunft:El Salvador/ India
Produzenten:Finca Los Pirineos / Wayanad Coop
Varietät:Bourbon / Canephora
Fermentation:Honey / washed
Cup Score:88 / -
Taste Notes:Schokolade / Cognac / Nuss
Preis je 250g:€ 8,50

Manchmal muss man Grenzen überschreiten. Das haben wir mit The Spice getan. Die Frucht aus El Salvador findet im schokoladigen Robusta einen kräftigen Partner. Dazu diese unglaubliche Crema. Ideal für Siebträger, Vollautomat und Mokkakanne.

Gardelli Specialty Coffees

Rubens Gardelli ist seit fünf Jahren in Folge italienischer Röst-Champion und weltbester Röster des Jahres 2018. Er bevorzugt den skandinavischen, fruchtbetonten Röststil. So kann der Kaffee seine spezifische, komplexe Aromatik in der Tasse voll entfalten und wird von einer animierender Säure begleitet.

Mzungu Project

Sipi Falls
Varietät:SL14 & Nyasaland
Cup score:93.5
Taste notes:Cherry / Prune / Blueberry / Dark Chocolate / Kiwi / Rum
Preis je 250g:€ 25

Competition leads to innovation and this coffee is the fruit of that labor. 2 and 1⁄2 years after his pioneering world brewers cup single tree lot Rubens Gardelli presents this unique coffee from Uganda. Forging close links with Alex, a coffee farmer, and forming an export company with his friend Dison allows complete traceability and control from tree to cup.

Originally a small competition lot, this project grew to encompass five(!) small farmers' production! A (secretly!) naturally processed coffee, intensely sweet, with lots of dark chocolate and cherry — it's a delicious and amazing representative of Ugandan specialty coffee.

Shiferaw Alako

Cup score:90
Taste notes:Jasmine / Mango / Lemongrass / Lime / Earl grey tea / Peach
Preis je 250g:€ 17

Rubens selected this lot during the last Operation Cherry Red Auction that took place for the very first time in June 2018; this lot is produced by a single farmer named Shiferaw Alako who brought the coffee cherries to the nearest Ato Mijane washing station.

The Ato Mijane washing station was established in 2012 by Ato Mijane – Ato stands for mister. It is located around Sakaro, a village in the Gedeb district, near Worka. Gedeb is most-definitely one of our's favourite districts that produce Yirgacheffe coffee – because it is known for its purple-fruit and intense floral notes.

Finca La Esperanza

Varietät:Caturra, Catuai
Cup score:89
Taste notes:Pomegranate / Grape / Plum / Blackberry / Caramel
Preis je 250g:€ 13

Francisco Morales and his wife have been the proud owners of La Esperanza farm in Cipresales for over 40 years. And they have achieved a great deal. As for many other producers, the initial years of starting their farm activities were very challenging ones. But thanks to the hard work, dedication and commitment of the family, the farm has grown into a business that provides income for the household and generates a source of employment for many others in the surrounding area. You can imagine that the name of the farm, which in English translates into “The Hope”, explains well how important coffee production is for them.

Tamrat Adebe, lot 15

Cup score:88,75
Taste notes:Blackberry / Honeysuckle / Orange / Peach / Melon
Preis je 250g:€ 14

This lot is produced by a single farmer named Tamrat Adebe who brought the coffee cherries to the nearest Tracon process station.

Tracon has established modern coffee cleaning and storage plant in 30,000 sq meters of land. The plant is equipped with modern PINHALENSE coffee processing machines and Buhler Z+ color sorter. All the processing jobs are mechanical and electronic including final hand picking on conveyor belts. The six stores of the plant have a capacity of accommodating about 15,000 metric tons of coffee at a time. The warehouses are clean, with enough lighting, and ventilation system, ideal for keeping the quality of the coffee.

Kiambu Handege

Varietät:SL28 & SL34 & Ruiru
Cup score:89,25
Taste notes:Ruby grapefruit / Green grape / Melon / Honey
Preis je 250g:€ 16

Handege Coffee Mill or 'factory', is affiliated to the larger producer cooperative known as Ritho Society. Founded in 1972, Ritho works with coffee 'factories' throughout the area. The name 'Handege' is derived from Ndege, the Swahili word for aeroplane.

Regional soils are well nourished with red volcanic rock, black cotton and patches of loam. Annual precipitation of 1000mm per year ensures that the soil is well saturated. Handege is a relatively small factory, with an annual production of about 150 metric tons. Cherries are pulped, fermented and washed, then sun-dried on raised African drying tables. Dry parchment is then taken to a dry mill for hulling and grading after which it is taken to a secure warehouse prior to Auction.

Blue Batak

Toba Lake
Fermentation:Wet hulled
Cup score:89
Taste notes:Butterscotch / Malt / Grapefruit / Earth / Herbal / Tobacco
Preis je 250g:€ 14

Indonesia's complex supply chain makes it difficult, if not downright impossible, to access single origins. We are excited to share this balanced, full-bodied and herbal coffee with you. Blue Batak derives its name from the indigenous Batak people who grow coffee in the north of Sumatra.

In total about 3500 small farmers produce 4 to 5 bags of coffee per year. Each farmer has about 500 to 1000 trees planted on 0.5 to 1 hectare of land; most topography of the area is flat with an altitude of 1550 to 1650 meters above sea level. Soils are mainly acids, with medium fertility and rich in organic matter. Coffee trees grow with some shade of Eryantha trees. Coffee beans are handpicked when ripe and processed by manual pulpers. The wet parchment then is left in plastic bags for 10 to 12 hours for the fermentation process. Then the mucilage as well as floaters and husk is removed by hand while washing in clean water. Then coffee is quickly sun-dried until they reach 50% of humidity and cleaned before rapidly selling to local market.


Varietät:Red Bourbon
Cup score:89,5
Taste notes:Blueberry / Morello cherry / Tamarind / Dark Chocolate
Preis je 250g:€ 15

This coffee is grown at 1700 masl on the Muhura Estate in the Gatsibo district in the Eastern province of Rwanda, which was established in 2010 by a local investment company. It is unusual for Rwandan coffees to be processed using the natural method. Huge government investment in the industry has seen vast improvements in quality of coffee produced here, however, experimenting hasn’t necessarily been encouraged. But we couldn’t be happier that the Muhura station has chosen to offer this Natural process lot this year.

The resulting coffee is fruity and very, very sweet. Juicy blueberry, Tamarind and heady Morello cherry bring body, acidity and a complexity we haven’t seen before in Rwandan coffee.

Divina Providencia

Origin:El Salvador
Varietät:Orange Bourbon
Cup score:88,75
Taste notes:Vanilla / Plum / Mandarin / Persimmons / Cocoa
Preis je 250g:€ 14

Roberto Samuel Ulloa Vilanova bought La Divina Providencia ten years ago. When Roberto took over the farm, the land and trees were in poor condition having been abandoned in previous years because the low coffee prices in El Salvador at that time drove the farm out of production. Since buying the farm, Roberto has rejuvenated the land and trees, planted over 8000 Bourbon and Kenya varietals on an additional plot and installed a complete washed‐process mill and drying screens.

This micro lot is 100% Orange Bourbon variety and what sets this coffee apart from most coffees in the area is a slightly more acid-driven intensity. Vanilla, plum and mandarin flavours stand out in this incredibly pretty coffee. A clean, sugary body supports persimmons and cocoa in the finish.

Fazendas Klem, Dry Box Lot 1

Matas de Minas
Fermentation:Aerobic dry box (natural)
Cup score:87,75
Taste notes:Almond / Dried fig / Prune
Preis je 250g:€ 13

The Klem estates are dipersed over several areas, all of which are farmed by the Klem family (five of the brothers are working in coffee) and several other families managing sections of the farm. All micro lot experiments are done manually, but this year we received the first high scoring & fully mechanized 20 bag micro lot (The “Dry Box”). The lots were completely separated in the wet mill using pressure, sinking of cherries and dried using a new precise hot air equipment.

As second crop they have planted trees that produce small avocados, making use of the same soils and certifications given. The Klem estate is USDA Organic, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certified.

Haile Gebre

Cup score:89
Taste notes:Jasmine / Bergamot / Lemon Custard
Preis je 250g:€ 13,50

Shakisso Farm can be found in the Guji zone, the southern part of Oromia, one of Ethiopia’s largest regions. The farm was started by Haile Gebre and began producing organic coffees in 2001 and is now Organic, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade USA certified. Haile works closely together with medium-sized local outgrowers who are specialised in this highland forest coffee.

There are many gold mines in the area of Shakisso Farm, so the coffee fields are literally full of holes where people have been digging for gold. This makes walking between the coffee trees risky. As a result, the biggest challenge these days is to find employees to maintain the plantation and pick cherries.


Tobias Radinger hat sich mit seiner kaffeefabrik mit anderen europäischen Mikroröstereien zur Einkaufsgemeinschaft Roasters United zusammengeschlossen und bezieht direkt von den Produzenten zu fairen Bedingungen.

Für alle, denen die Kaffees von ²²Beans und Rubens Gardelli zu progressiv sind, haben wir eine kleine aber feine Auswahl konventionell gerösteter Bohnen der Kaffeefabrik im Programm, die nun auch bio-zertifiziert sind.

der seemann

Origin: Peru (50%, Arabica)
Comsa Coop, Honduras (30%, Arabica)
Wayanad Coop, Indien (20%, Robusta)
Roast:Full city: Mokkakanne / Klassicher Espresso / Vollautomat
Taste notes:Nuss / Schokolade / Erdige Robustanoten
Preis je 250/500g:€ 6,90/13,40

Ein klassischer Espressoblend mit kräftigem Körper und langem Abgang. Nussig, schokoladig im Geschmack. Dichte Crema.


Origin: Indonesien, Sumatra, Aceh, Berner Meriah
Permata Gayo Kooperative
Roast:Full city: Mokkakanne / Klassicher Espresso / Vollautomat
Taste notes:Schokolade
Preis je 250/500g:€ 6,90/13,40

Mächtiger Körper, würzige Aromen und dunkle Schokolade bestimmen seinen Charakter. Dabei cremig und dezente Fruchtnoten. Für Liebhaber von italienischen Kaffees, die aber gerne auf Robusta verzichten.

Fondo Paez, Kolumbien

Origin: Kolumbien, Cauca
Asociason Fondo Paez
Roast:City: Filter / French Press / Aeropress
Taste notes:Zartbitter, Walnuss und Vanille
Preis je 250/500g:€ 6,90/13,40

Ein klassischer, aromatischer Filterkaffee mit vollem Körper und leichter Süße. Er zeichnet sich durch Noten von Zartbitter, Walnuss und Vanille aus. Sehr säurearm ist er ein Kaffee für jede Tageszeit.

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